Minutenbuch, Livre des minutes, Book of minutes

Vol. 1


Every minute is a precious minute

I took my inspiration for this book from the medieval books of hours. Those amazingly illustrated religious works initially helped illiterate lay people to recite their hourly prayers. Gradually the book of hours ended the dominance of the psalter (a volume containing the Book of Psalms and other devotional material) as book of prayer. They became the main source for private devotion for the wealthy and educated nobility in the late Middle Ages as these new and different books enabled them to reflect on divine and personal matters in private.

Inspired by this idea of silent prayer based on illustrated books in medieval times, I sincerely hope this collection of drawings you hold in your hands today may likewise stimulate contemplation.
When you take a closer look at the pictures, I invite you to open your mind and soul to the coming and going of your thoughts, similar to how people in the times of yore did as they viewed the illustrations in the book of hours.
It may help you to see the world through different eyes, from a different
perspective; it could even undermine conventional ways of perception.

Some of the drawings presented in this book emerged at intervals of minutes, like a type of visual storytelling through drawings.
The drawings can serve as a creative inspiration for the observer. People can react to what is presented here using their own texts or other means of expression. They may amend or modify them — maybe something new will emerge.
The drawings are part of an ongoing process. Depending on the occasion they are arranged as a collection in a new way each time.

My plan is to publish a series of books, each book consisting of 60 pages. Every page represents a minute. Every book, therefore, represents an
hour — 60 unique minutes.