Addie Tjoode

Your ultimate self-coaching journal to lead a joyful attitude for a lifetime


You are feeling kind of trapped in your everyday routines?
You have a dream, that you would like to live up to, but do not really know where to start?
You think you deserve more joy and laughter in your life?
You have already tried out quite a few self-motivation guides to make a change but none of them has worked for you so far?
Well, dude: Time to focus on the solution instead of the problem!

„Addie Tjoode: My 30-Day Joy & Happiness Challenge“ will journal you to a perfectly joyful and determined attitude for a lifetime in just one month!
Your new Joy & Happiness Coach „Addie Tjoode“ is offering you a new perspective on reaching out to any goal you are dreaming of by challenging yourself in 7 Joy & Happiness disciplines on a daily basis. She will be coaching you through a process during which you will discover your (hidden) talents and resources and at the same time develop a healthy daily routine to empower yourself with the necessary energy to embrace life in a joyful way on the long term.

First goal of it all: Falling in love with yourself in only 30 days!
The goodie about it all: You can even book online-coaching sessions with your Joy & Happiness coach „Addie Tjoode“ alongside to assure your best achievements possible!
The secret of it all: buy the book and start your own 30-Day Joy & Happiness Challenge today!