1st Edition USA, Hardcover ©2020.


BLACK PRESIDENT––The Story of JFK’s Secret Sons begins with President Kennedy’s seduction of Sarah Little, a devout, married, African-American woman. Two-and-a-half years later he is dead. Against all conceivable adversity, their son rises from poverty to attain America’s highest office. Victory in the White House has its roots in the lost innocence of the past…
Weaving together important US events and personalities, this is a breathtaking journey through fifty years of subterfuge, civil rights scandals, assassinations and conspiracies, from the Bay of Pigs to the Twin Towers and beyond; a journey via Marilyn Monroe’s bedroom, J. Edgar Hoover’s wardrobe, JFK’s cabinet meetings and the quagmire of Vietnam. Filmmaker/Author Rick Schmidt serves up a stirring, topical must-read for those who love––or hate––America.
Imagine a faction novel that includes the childhood-to-adult story of twin Black American boys sired at one of the thousands of trysts conducted by President John F. Kennedy, and you have Rick Schmidt’s first novel (originally released as “BLACK PRESIDENT” in 2008 by Picnic Publishing, UK). And because of the timeframe––it begins in the early 1960s––the “N-word” is used in appropriate fictional cases, And YES, it IS disturbing to imagine the pain it caused all those to whom it was directed back then, not to mention the present- day racism that still prevails in America.
BLACK PRESIDENT asks how we can tolerate any government still involved in nefarious activities, as historically represented within these pages, still putting economics before the basic human rights of its citizens. We need to halt the pernicious alteration of our food supply with unchecked GMOs, cease the creation of new weapon systems of mass destruction, and protect our planet’s oxygen supply from rampant destruction of the rainforests in South America. We need to wake up before the fact of a complete meltdown of the Polar icecaps signals our total lack of common sense.