de Gruyter Studies in Organization

New Approaches and New Issues

Frontmatter — Preface / Clegg, Stewart — Contents — Sociologies of Class and Organization / Clegg, Stewart R. — I. Classes, Structures and Actors — Classes in Contemporary Capitalist Society: Recent Marxist and Weberian Perspectives / Burris, Val — Analytical Marxism and Class Theory / Blom, Raimo / Kivinen, Markku — Between Rational Choice and Durkheimian Solidarity / Kerstholt, Frans — “New” Social Inequalities and the Renewal of the Theory of Social Inequalities / Kreckel, Reinhard — Classes, Collectivities and Corporate Actors / Hindess, Barry — II. Management in Class and Organization Structures — Ownership and Management Strategy / Morgan, Glenn — International Management and the Class Structure / Marceau, Jane — Managers and Social Classes / Meliti, Harri — Technical Workers: A Class and Organisational Analysis / Smith, Chris — III. Class Restructuring and Organizations — Disorganised Capitalism and Social Class / Urry, John — Managing the Multinationals: The Emerging Theory of the Multinational Enterprise and Its Implications for Labour Resistance / Ramsay, Harvie / Haworth, Nigel — Work Organization Under Technological Change: Sources of Differentiation and the Reproduction of Social Inequality in Processes of Change / Littek, Wolfgang / Heisig, Ulrich — The New Rise of Self-Employment and Industrial Structure / Toivonen, Timo — IV. The Labour Process, Class Structure and Gender — Exploring the Class and Organisational Implications of the UK Financial Services / Knights, David / Willmott, Hugh — Organization and Class: Burawoy in Birmingham / Smith, Dennis — The Class/Gender/Organization Nexus / Crompton, Rosemary — Masculine/Feminine Organization: Class versus Gender in Swedish Unions / Woodward, Alison E. / Leiulfsrud, Håkon — V. Classless Organizations? — Between Class Analysis and Organization Theory: Mental Labour / Carchedi, Guglielmo — Against the Current: Organizational Sociology and Socialism / Clegg, Stewart R. / Higgins, Winton — Political Domination and Reproduction of Classless Organizations / Ben-Porat, Amir — Socialised Industry: Social Ownership or Shareholding Democracy? / Clarke, Tom — Notes on Contributors — Index — Backmatter

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