Drama in the womb

The Surviving Twin Syndrome

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Relationship troubles, loneliness, inexplicable feelings of guilt and an unsatisfiable yearning for oneness can indicate that one’s path into life was accompanied by a twin or multiples. If it happens in the beginning of pregnancy that two embryos nest in the womb they feel the other. There is a deeply felt pure unconditional love for the other. Wordless understanding and unity. Two hearts beating as one. Paradise.

Then the twin dies. This tragedy is a biologically common reaction with a deep impact on the soul level. About one in ten embryos had a twin that vanished during pregnancy. A paradise is lost. Even in a small foetus with so far little developed brains this experience has been stored in the cellular memory system. For many people this is later in life the unknown origin of deeply rooted feelings that something is always missing.

Besides missing the beloved brother or sister often the remaining twin suffers from survivor guilt and sometimes even from the unconscious feeling of having killed the other. Often the partner is mistaken for the twin. This has a deep impact on love life.

The theme of the vanished and surviving twin, ignored until recently by psychological research, has preoccupied the authors since 1998. The experiences of their therapeutic work showed them how much inexplicable pain and longing and how many relationship problems arise from the loss of a twin.

They have encountered many people who asked the following desperate questions: „What is wrong with me? Why do I feel so weak?“ „Why am I not happy with my relationships?“ „Why can’t I have professional success?“

They have met people who were constantly searching for something inexplicable: people who had gone on a journey around the globe several times; people who had tried all kinds of different therapies without much success; people who had sought spiritual enlightenment; people with pets who could not get over the death of their beloved animal for many years.

These are just a few examples. The book can give you a better understanding and ideas of solution of this desperate and often unconscious search for the other, the twin who died in pregnancy.

“I like the way you approach the subject in many short chapters, each with important and interesting information. Deep appreciation for your big contribution to this field of therapy.” David Chamberlain -Author of ‘Windows to the womb’