Europe at the Crossroads

Will Europe cut off its roots and wings or reconcile with its strength?


This book is about Europe: Its rich cultural, philosophical, political and religious heritage, and its wonderful contributions to the world. But also about some of its dark sides; historical and present developments that were and are threatening its own and the future of others. Which turn will Europe take at this present crossroads?Ten Scientists, all of them partners in the German Christian Forum of Professors contribute from their fields of Philosophy, Ethnology, Political Science, Life-Physics, Theology, Medicine and Law to this extraordinary book. A challenging project!Autors: Prof. Dr. phil. Thomas Bargatzky (Ethnology) Prof. Dr. phil. Martin Cajthaml (Philosophy) Prof. Dr. phil. Edith Düsing (Philosophy) Prof. Dr. med. Gisela Charlotte Fischer (Medicine) Prof. em. Dr. Karl Hahn (Political Science) Prof. Dr. theol. Hans-Peter Hasenfratz (Theology) Prof. Dr. phil. Ugo Perone (Philosophy) Prof. Dr. phil. Christine Schirrmacher (Science of Islam) Prof. em. Dr. theol. Dr. phil. Dr. iur. utr. Lutz Simon M.A. (Law / Theology / Philosophy / Master of Arts, Prof. Changlin Zhang (Biophysics)