Final Station


He is reserved, shy and often depressed – and alcoholic. He just does not know. Benjamin Foster is two people. During the course of the day, he goes to study well and maintains a secret relationship with a married woman. At night he drinks and blossoms in the pub. Then he feels like the greatest, while the others take advantage of him and fool him. When his secret girlfriend becomes pregnant, his alcoholic addiction comes out, and he loses everything. He stands alone before the shards of his life. It was only when he met the little Crystal that Benjamin seemed to have a new courage. The girl is like a daughter to him. Crystal has other problems than he, but an equally difficult life. When he is allowed to take over the sponsorship, Benjamin finally stops drinking and turns his back on the alcohol forever. The friendship between the two grows more and more over the years and he trusts her more and more. But one day, Crystal manages to elicit Benjamin’s true reason for his years of drinking – the images of his past, which he did not want to see and hoped to forget forever …
FINAL STATION is based on a true story and is a social drama from Joshua Kay Schaeffer, who is known for reproducing difficult and serious themes in his dramas in an authentic and realistic way. This is the english translation of ENDSTATION.