Through Phenomenology to Thought

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I: From There to Being.- I. Being and Time.- II. Kant and the Problem of Metaphysics.- III. The Essence of Ground.- IV. What is Metaphysics?.- II: Reversal.- I. On the Essence of Truth.- II. The Self-assertion of the German University.- III. Introduction to Metaphysics.- IV: From Being to There.- Section A. The De-volution of Thought 299.- I. Plato.- II. Aristotle.- III. Descartes.- IV. Hegel.- V. Nietzsche.- VI. Logic.- VII. Humanism.- VIII. Transition: Rilke.- Section B. The Re-trieve of Thought.- I. The Origin of a Work of Art, Hölderlin and the Essence of Poetry.- II. The Time of World-as-Picture.- III. “As when upon a day of rest…”.- IV. Nietzsche’s Word “God is dead”.- V. “Homecoming,” “Recollection”.- VI. What is Metaphysics: Epilogue.- VII. ’’???????.- VIII. ?????.- IX. Towards an Analysis of Release, Nihilism.- in Terms of Being-as-history.- X. The Saying of Anaximander.- XI. Whereunto the Poet?.- XII. Letter on Humanism.- XIII. Interlude.- From the Experience of Thought.- The Pathway.- XIV. What is Metaphysics ?: Introduction. The Essence of Ground: Prologue.- XV. The Thing.- XVI. Language.- XVII. Working, Dwelling, Thinking.- XVIII. “…Poetically doth man dwell…”.- XIX. What E-vokes Thought?.- Conclusion.- Outlines.- Appendix: Courses, Seminars and Lectures of Martin Heidegger.- Bibliography:.- I. Heidegger’s Works.- A. Order of Publication.- B. Order of Composition.- II. Other Works Cited.- III. Selective Bibliography.- IV. English Translations.- Indexes:.- I. Index of Texts Cited.- II. Index of Proper Names.- II. Index of Greek Terms.- IV. General Index.