Ich und Ich

Die erfolgreiche Beziehung zwischen Energiekörper und physischem Körper

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This book, commented by Dr. Eva Reich, is essential reading for all in therapeutic professions. It provides a broad overview of energy healing modalities such as laying-on-of-hands and remote healing techniques. The potential dangers of these methods are described as well as their possible consequences and side effects on the Energy Body as well as on the psyche. Concise, based on experience and very rationally the author reviews the damage caused by the improper implementation of energetic methods, which the patient is forced to experience. A commentary by a renowned neurologist and psychotherapist presenting his views from the physical point of view completes the review of how these problems can be diagnosed from a medical standpoint. The book networks between medicine, psychotherapy, psychology and ethics from an energetic perspective and gives information on practical applications in daily work situations with adults and children.