Intellectual Property Modularity in Software Products and Software Platform Ecosystems


This book examines the impact of Intellectual Property (IP) modular architecture on software products and software platform ecosystems. The presented results are based on a detailed qualitative case study analysis of two software products and two software platforms and on a quantitative study of two software ecosystems.The results extend the existing literature on IP modularity by demonstrating a direct association between IP modular product or platform architecture and the related business models. The analysis also shows that the early consideration of IP-related requirements in the requirements engineering process of software systems can prevent costly and time-consuming re-modularizations.The quantitative analysis in two software ecosystems shows that IP modular platform architecture, which can allow increased openness while still maintaining value appropriation, can increase a platform’s attractiveness for complementors.To summarize, this book demonstrates the connections between IP management, software architecture and the respective business models of software product or platform providers.