Jimi Hendrix: The Nordic Concerts 1967-1970

Text: Soren Vangsgaard. Fotos: Jan Persson, Jorgen Angel, Veronica Hjorth u.a. Unseen Nordic Archives. Englische Originalausgabe.


From 1967 until his tragic death in 1970 Jimi Hendrix played 29 concerts in Denmark, Sweden and Finland, quite a few of them at humble venues. This book comprises the best photographs from these concerts selected from the extraordinary photographic archives of Jan Persson, Jorgen Angel, Veronica Hjorth and other Scandinavian photographers. There are stunning photographs taken both on and off stage that have rarely or never been published before. The narrative is related by the people involved in the shows – the promotors, the roadies and the support bands – as well as reviews from the local newspapers and magazines of the period. An extraordinary document of an extraordinary man.