Jubiläumsbox – 15 Jahre Profil Medien

Anniversary Edition

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Anniversary Edition – 15 years of PROFIL – 15 years of „The fine art of classical music“

„Best of“ – collection of 15 years Profil Founder Günter Hänssler says:
„A friendly pressman once called me the consummate collector of great moments. I am naturally pleased when others say that about me. For ten years, I have been releasing „magical moments“ of classical music on the PROFIL CD label, unforgettable concert experiences for audiences that still convey the same magic to listeners decades later – even on disc. With each recording I track down today, I ask myself whether it is worth placing it among the multitude of releases on the market. Does it have the necessary substance? One must listen very precisely to determine that, not only hearing with one’s ears, but feeling with all one’s senses what is exceptional about the recording. I spend much time in the archives of the broadcasting corporations and work my way through their catalogues. Distinguishing the brilliant from the good is an exciting challenge and also my passion!“