How to reinvent ourselves for the future of work


Sometimes being thrown off course is the only way to find out where you really stand. The current economic crisis has demonstrated that the rules and values that had previously offered security to our parents are vulnerable to change. These include the daily trip to the office, the lifetime job, the big
corporate brands and the pension. All these seemingly constant features of our parents’ everyday life are now simply battered or obsolete.

Welcome to the Meconomy: Here we can turn our hobbies into a career and move the center of our lives to where we are happiest and most productive. We position ourselves as a brand and never stop learning. This consequently allows us to feel and act independently for the first time. Although this life can be
exciting and fulfilling, not everyone will be able to live it. The Meconomy splits society in the middle.

By combining interviews with renowned experts in the field, case studies and the latest research, this book explains how to prosper in a new working environment using life hacking, personal branding and global mobility.