Musiklexikon für Kinder

Die Welt der Musik entdecken

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250 entries on instruments, composers and musical terms from the fields of classical, jazz and popular music – numerous music examples – index with ca. 1,000 headwords – explanations of the origin of the words – phonetic transcriptions of foreign-language terms – with a preface by Peter Schreier From ´Absolutes Gehör´ [Absolute Pitch] via ´Blues´ to ´Zither´ – this dictionary contains clear and suitable answers for children to questions on musical terms, genres and epochs, instruments, composers, performers, etc. The answers are given either in short, easily comprehensible articles or in the form of a dialogue between Clara and Frederik, two music-loving children who accompany the reader through the dictionary. The explanations of the origin of the words make the present book a work of reference that children like to consult and look at. The informative texts are complemented and illustrated by numerous music examples, phonetic transcriptions of foreign-language terms, as well as more than 200 illustrations and lovely four-colour drawings. The explanations contain cross references, and a detailed index of more than 1,000 headwords enables the reader to find entries which are not explained in an extra article.For children aged 7+.Awarded the Deutscher Musikeditionspreis 2000.