Songs of the Heart’s Well

The Songbook


Many of the songs in this book came about in direct exchange with the angels. Other songs were written for a specific group of recipients such as my English pupils at school, who always sang these songs with great enthusiasm. I am a freelancing woman artist as my main profession. Such I started this work. Through my work with the none-material world I gained a perception of the fields of vibrations of the angels, which I perceive in radiant colours, rhythmically moving. These perceptions I “translate” visual into a spiritual pictogram, which I call the “flowerseal of an angel”. Some of these flowerseals of the angels are pictured in this songbook. They are the visual image of the mantras of the angels. Both, mantras and the flowerseals, were inspirations in the creation of the songs in this book.
Lots of the songs refer to the cycle of year and its festivals. Their melodies are easy to pick up in groups or by oneself, with or without other instruments. The character of repetition in the structure of these songs reminds at the praying gesture of the mantras. These melodies may carry you into your own improvisations and invite many instruments to join in. They can also be sung as mere vocals and they are in all dimentions “Songs of the Heart’s Well”.