Spiritual Essences

Interdimensional Tools for a New Age


Angel and Master Essences are high-frequency interdimensional tools from the spiritual world, which have been channelled to Ingrid Auer since 1999. The energy of the angels and masters contained in the essences (and that is what makes these essences so unique) can balance and harmonize the subtle energies of our bodies, our chakras, and our meridians. It is a logical consequence that the physical body reacts positively to this balancing and harmonizing process. At the same time, the essences clearly point to those areas of our life that are unbalanced, or have deficiencies, leading to energy blockages or energy gaps. Many documented examples have illustrated these principles. Now, not only individuals, but also dedicated professionals – doctors, healers, teachers, psychologists, therapists, energy healers and massage therapists are using these essences daily in their practice. This book will offer you new aspects, approaches and applications in the use of the Angel and Master Essences.