Teachings of Sri Sai Kaleshwara Swami

The Divine Mystery Fort


Penukonda is an ancient village in southern India and the site of Sri Sai Kaleshwaras ashram. For centuries, Penukonda was a divine fort, which served a great empire, protecting saints and kings alike. Eventually, its political stature gave way to time. Only the saints invisible work remained; their sacred palm leaf books predicted someone would come in this agea friend of the truth, a friend to the worldto reveal the inner secrecy of the divine wisdom and dispel the darkness of the Kali Yuga. Fulfilling that prophecy, Sri Sai Kaleshwara has been hard at work raising the Divine Mystery Fort again. This book is a compilation of Sri Kaleshwars talks and an overview of his teachings. It includes the story of Sri Kaleshwars life; Shirdi Babas miraculous appearance to him as a teenager; the awakening of his divine channels; his first miracles; and early darshans of Mother Divine. Sri Kaleshwar shares stories of Shirdi Babas life that were revealed to him and are not found in any of Babas biographies. He tells of Babas relationship with his master, Venkusa; Babas early life in Shirdi; and Babas supernatural behavior. Sri Kaleshwar reveals how he was divinely guided to come to Penukonda to build his ashram through Babas grace and the grace of other divine masters. Sri Kaleshwars mission is to create thousands of healers and masters on the globe. He says it is now the right time in history to give out this sacred information to make this possible. He says every person will reach their destiny if they do certain spiritual processes. Every person has the capability to become a divine soul, like Jesus or Shirdi Baba, if they are shown the right path and given correct guidelines. It is his duty to reveal these to the world. Some topics included in this book are: how to become a master; the nature of miracle energy; witnessing a miracle makes you eligible for enlightenment; to know God, first know his illusions; the five elementsthe source of miracle powers; soul travel; how to talk to the angels; power objects; connecting to divine souls; and most important, the real master is living in you. Sri Kaleshwar talks about the necessity of connecting with Mother Divine. Once you connect to Mother Divine, have Her darshan, communicate with Her directly, you can receive a lot of abilities and be able to do extraordinary things in the world. Sri Kaleshwar says connecting to Mother Divine is the real beginning of your spiritual life. Sri Kaleshwar also talks in depth about his own personal experiences with Mahakali. He teaches how to handle Mother Divines darshan; how to use the Shiva energy to hook Mother Divine; and Ramakrishna Parmahamsas relationship to Mother Divine.