The Beatles: Sweden and Denmark 1963–1970

Unseen and rare photos from their tours and solo apperences. Unseen Nordic Archives. Englische Originalausgabe.


In 1963 The Beatles were ready to leave Britain and charm the world. They tried to arrange a tour of Denmark in 1963, but the Danish booking bureaus weren’t interested, so instead they went to Stockholm for nine days. In 1964 Beatlemania set the world on fire, and they returned to Stockholm as well as Copenhagen. New material on The Beatles is scarce, but the Unseen Nordic Archives series has uncovered a treasure trove of unknown or rarely used photos from these tours and coupled them with new interviews from the people involved and newspaper articles from local Danish and Swedish papers at the time. It is fascinating to see the development of the band: In ’63 they could walk the streets, but by ’64 the crowds were making that impossible. In this amazing historical record we include the images and memories of the band members various visits to Scandinavia. George Harrisons concert with Delaney and Bonnie (and Eric Clapton) in Copenhagen in 1969, Insights into John Lennon’s one month stay in Jutland in 1969–70 and Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr’s later tours in the region.