The War of the Worlds. H. G. Wells (Fremdsprachentext Englisch)


H. G. Wells‘ legendärer Science Fiction Roman „The War of the Worlds“ als Fremdsprachentext Englisch mit 31 Illustrationen von Alvim Corrêa.

Nobody knows how long the Martians have been observing our world. But one day they set off. They want to seize the reign on Earth. As species, they are far superior to humans. The battle seems hopeless and the end of humanity is sealed …
„The War of the Worlds“ is a fundamental work of science fiction literature and has been filmed and adapted several times. Wells wrote the novel as a satire on the colonial politics of the Empire. He has exchanged the roles of conquerors and victims to the disadvantage of the British.
The edition contains 31 illustrations that Alvim Corrêa has created especially for a Belgian luxury edition.