The whisper in the wind


She can only live here. She was looking for us. It is a world of its own and only we know this place.
Annika doesn’t believe in a way out. There is too much fear, shame, anger and sadness in her. We know about Annika’s secret place, to which she has fled, because we are her friends. Nobody knows us except them. Nobody knows she had to see the worst except us. Annika is silent. But we are their voice. Annika is blind and deaf. But we are their eyes and ears. Don’t be afraid, Annika …

Annika Mauren is very quiet and reserved. This seems to be a mystery to both the parents and their entire environment, no one can get close to them. Only her imaginary friend Harry is the one she seems to be in contact with. In her imagination, Annika builds a city in the clouds, into which she withdraws more and more. There she gets to know new imaginary friends and feels understood and cared for.
When she met Laurin and Jens as a young adult, her secret threatens to be revealed. But Annika’s imaginary friends want to save her from that. Laurin in particular succeeds in winning Annika’s trust, and based on his own experience, he soon has a guess as to what could really be the matter with Annika …

THE WHISPER IN THE WIND is a gripping, engaging social drama by author Elias J. Connor that tells the tragic fact-based story of multiple personality disorder Annika desperately seeking a way out of her trauma. Authentic, direct and true.