Twists of Lust and Trust

an erotic novel


Irene falls head over heels for Anita, a mother of two small children, who seems to attract and create chaos wherever she goes. Quickly their consuming attraction spins out of control as Anita’s lies cast a web of doubt, leaving Irene to deal with the consequences. This novel deals with the classic themes of illusion vs. reality, and the longing for a healthy relationship.
Twist of Lust and Trust is Karin Rick’s most passionate novel so far. This story takes off at a breathless pace and races to the last page, steered by protagonist Irene, who falls deeply in love with Anita—a very uninhibited girl. But who is Anita? A woman driven by pleasure, a fast-moving mother of two small boys, who doesn’t do much pram pushing, preferring to romp around more wildly than her kids, climb trees with them, and play soccer and ice hockey. Ever defiant, she breastfeeds while driving, rejects authority, defies her boss, even tries to dodge the police.
Still, there is time for sensuality. Sex is squeezed in between children’s matinees, outings to fast food joints, and soccer games: a quickie in the car, in front of the Sissy monument in the Imperial Park, or in the women’s bathroom.
But euphoria has a darker side: Soon Irene is drawn into a dangerous whirlwind of deception. The harder she falls for Anita, the less she trusts her. Where do the lies end and the truth begins?