Universal Freedom

Advaita Vedanta in the Life Practice of the 21st Century


Beginning with his very early childhood Elios’ life (Dr. Manfred Eichhoff) has been accompanied by intense spiritual experiences. After studying several paths of both Eastern and Western Traditions and their practices, his unquenchable thirst for the Truth has ultimately led him to a certain state of maturity, which has made possible an intuitive approach to Advaita Vedanta, the highest teaching of Hinduism, the philosophy of Non-Duality.
Starting in the late 1990s with the blessings of his Master Raphael, Elios has been teaching traditional Advaita Vedanta as systematized by Adi Shankaracharya in the 8th/9th centuries. Here the focus of attention is primarily on the individual person within his modern-life practice. This work makes clear that nobody need leave his familiar life-circumstances in order to grow spiritually, but, on the contrary, everyday life just as it is offers wonderful opportunities for spiritual growth.
Additionally, the broad perspective of the Vedanta Teaching makes it possible to comprehend the inner unity of all initiatory Traditions of both the East and West.
Anyone with an open heart will find in this inspiring book a multitude of suggestions for a life full of light and meaning within the Universal Power of this great Tradition.