Venus Wave



It starts with the breaking of the waves and summer hits in an open air disco along the harbor. Girls meets girl. Or boy? A ménage a trois for two people, plus a persona who elbows her way in. The star photographer Nina, who is in love with lust, the DJ Steve, who has a dark secret and falls for Nina, the black-haired diva Cindy – become entangled in a relationship.

Karin Rick, master of erotic tension, confronts us again in this new novel with the main themes of her writing. Sexual identity – as well as desire – is something fluid, that cannot be solidified into fixed categories, definitions or boundaries, and only stays thrilling in constant flux.

An island, two people, a summer love story. In this classic set up, the author develops a multi-layered story with lots of twists and turns. And the location is not mundane, the island of Calera (volcanic and Atlantic), a place to escape, that has a permanent hold on people, drawing them in and then mercilessly casting them out. A ravishing and fast-paced tale that asks profound questions in a light way: does every love need to be forever? What’s more important appearing to be or really being who you are? What moods of desire can withstand transience?