The implementation of the Youth2Youth Program a best practice reader

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terre des hommes schweiz has elaborated the innovative capacity building program Youth2Youth based on the Solution Focused Approach (SFA) together with the child psychiatrist Dr. Therese Steiner in Southern Africa, Central and South America. This program helps youth gain self-esteem and experience self-efficacy. The SF mindset and methodology enables youth to define personal goals and reach them step by step by using their already existing strengths. Many of these young people are like coated stones: they carry a treasure inside, they are not aware of, because violence, neglect, poverty and marginalization makes it impossible for them to recognize their competences and abilities.
This best practice reader describes the implementation of the program and participants that have attended the program tell us abouth its impact on their life. It also presents a toolkit for SFA-facilitators with exercises and ideas that are helpful to make students understand the principles of SFA.
Furthermore it includes a genuine collection of creative methods on how to introduce SF mindset and methodology through different channels.